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Civic Engagement Initiative

The key charge of the Office of Civic Engagement at Florida Tech is its focus on the development of engaged leaders who can translate knowledge into action, and in the process contribute to the betterment of their communities. The Office of Civic Engagement offers students, faculty and staff opportunities to become engaged leaders and active members of our Florida Tech Community through service activities on the campus and in the community.

Mission Statement:

Florida Tech’s Office of Civic Engagement seeks to provide opportunities for students, faculty and staff on our campus and in the surrounding community. We will match community needs with student and employee interests as well as develop individual and collective actions designed to identify and address issues of public concern.

What is Civic Engagement? 

The Office of Civic Engagement strongly believes that leadership development does not simply involve the procurement of knowledge and skills. While skill-building is important, leaders become effective once they develop a connection to their surroundings both here at Florida Tech as well as in our community and global world. We strongly believe for leadership to be meaningful, it has to be grounded in action.

Definition of Service:

  • Community Service is defined as a person or group who provides aid or services to a community outside of the Florida Institute of Technology campus community.

  • Campus Service is defined as a person or group who provides aid or services to the Florida Institute of Technology campus community.

  • Philanthropy is defined as a person or group who donates money or property to an approved and recognized organization by the Florida Institute of Technology Student Life Office.

Get Involved – Be Part of the Solution: 

The habits of thoughtful and engaged leaders are best developed in college through involvement in the community. At Florida Tech, students become involved through service, which enhances the overall leadership experience by providing students with experiential learning – a bridge between academic learning and the real world. Through a service experience, we also meet the citizen leaders who are making a difference in their community. In the process, we also become part of the solution by contributing our unique qualities and energy.

All Florida Tech student, faculty and staff members can record your civic engagement activity with the Office of Civic Engagement! Tracking your civic engagement data will allow you to demonstrate your community involvement, as well as personal and professional growth, on your resume. These records will enhance your scholarship, graduate school, and job applications.

Please help us to report on the great work that Florida Tech students have accomplished in our community. We encourage you to use this system to track your service hours with the Office of Civic Engagement.

All Florida Tech students, faculty and staff are encouraged to record civic engagement activity via our online Civic Engagement Tracking System. You simply click the link below and login using your tracks username and password. Recording your civic engagement activity here allows us to best estimate Florida Tech's total community engagement activity!

Civic Engagement Tracking System

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